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Thank you to all our lovely parents who have got in touch with us to share their experiences. We have gathered some of our favourites below. 

We've been so pleased with Tiny Swimmers since we first took our son three years or so ago, and it'll be sad not to continue. Thanks for all you've done to get our boys happy in the water.

Tiny swimmers has been the best class I've taken the boys to!! Thank you so much again and to all your lovely friendly staff. 

Really does make such a big difference being able to have the flexibility to swop a few classes. I really appreciate it and massively rave about it to everyone I speak to. I often get mums asking me for advice on swimming and always tell them to come to you!

I want to say a big thank you to you all for the hard work you have put in to making me and my little one feel welcomed at tiny swimmers. He has learned how to swim with confidence and now is ready to go on to  different aspects of swimming.

I feel a bit sad about stopping Tiny Swimmers because I think everyone is lovely and my timid little daughters have come on leaps and bounds!

We have had six incredible years of lessons from you.  Every member of the Tiny Swimmers team have been brilliant and made it so easy for our children to be confident and safe in the water. 

Thank you so much for providing us with a great swim experience! Our daughter has been with you since she was 9 months old and has developed her skill amazingly as well as thoroughly enjoying the fun way you teach swimming 

Tiny Swimmers has done them proud - brilliant organisation and administration, high standards of teaching plus an amazingly low turnover of staff, which I'm sure has helped my children be confident in the water. After 5 years with you, it is sad to move on.

Our regular teacher is brilliant, she does something different at each class, explains everything we're doing and why and at the end tells us what to look forward to next week.  For the price of the lessons its important to us that we see some progression and I think our teacher was unique in providing that. She is fantastic.


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onday - Friday


Easter Break:

25th March -  15th April 

Half Term Break :
25th - 31st May 2024

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