Baby Swimming

8 weeks – 14 months.


Babies can start once they are  over 12lbs/5.5kg in weight.

This is the best age to start swimming as babies have a natural affinity to water with no acquired fear.  At Tiny Swimmers our instructors help develop the babies natural reflexes and responses to gain water skills and confidence.


The instructor will guide you through each developmental stage ensuring your baby’s needs are nurtured at the right pace whilst never forcing development.


Body Position:


With different holding techniques on the front and back, your instructor will show you how adopt the correct body position for your baby to feel the benefit of his own buoyancy and freedom of movement in the water, and start to learn basic swimming skills.




Teaching your baby to swim underwater as well as on top is a small but important part of the Tiny Swimmers course. Babies find this enormously liberating and its practice is an important part of their survival skills, enabling them to surface safely in case of accidents.

More information about each class and their learning outcomes can be found through our members’ site.




or call us:


020 8351 4413



18 March 2020

Following the latest government advice to avoid social contact & non-essential travel we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend all our swimming lessons with immediate effect.  

Any questions or queries please do email or leave a message on

020 8351 4413.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Take care. 

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